An Overview of Fighting Styles You See In The Sport of Mixed Martial Arts:

As the name of the sport implies, mixed martial arts represents a combination of multiple fighting styles incorporating elements from a variety of traditional martial arts into one hybrid fighting style. As such, there is no single MMA fighting style and each MMA fighter’s skill-sets are unique to each individual MMA fighter’s strengths, weaknesses and previous experience in their discipline of choice. That being said, all MMA fighters who hope to be successful in the cage do share common basic areas of expertise. The professional and amateur Mixed Martial Artist must develop experience and proficiency in combat that takes place both standing and on the ground and must be able to quickly adapt their primary fighting style to create opportunities that will direct the flow of combat to take place in the area of their greatest strength while at the same time defending their opponents attempts to do the same. As an example, a mixed martial artist who is more proficient or possesses a strong background in one (or more) of the martial art fighting styles that focus primarily on striking competing against a MMA fighter with a strong wrestling or submission background will focus his or her martial arts training on takedown defense and maintaining a strategically favorable distance from their opponent (thereby increasing their own ability to avoid a take-down by their opponent) to keep the fight standing while the opposing fighter with greater focus on ground fighting would, of course, focus their training on implementing an opposite strategy in their training to take the fight to the ground as quickly as possible.

One-Dimensional MMA Fighters Are Relics of the Past…It’s a New Day in MMA.

A fighter who only primarily excels in one fighting style with little or very basic proficiency in the other aspects and disciplines commonly practiced in mixed martial arts is know as a “one-dimensional” fighter and while there were many successful one-dimensional fighters in the history of MMA, the sport has grown and evolved to a point where today, a one-dimensional MMA fighter is quickly exposed and stands little chance of making it past an amateur level competing against other fighters incapable of dealing with an opponent who is proficient in multiple fighting styles.   Fighting Styles In MMA Brazilian jiu jitsu Muay Thai Karate Kickboxing Taekwondo Judo Boxing Wrestling